Headcare made for healthier & happier heads

Developed in collaboration with industry renowned founder Adam Reed, ARKIVE is an industry disrupting brand bringing a new form of haircare, ‘Headcare’, to the market, with products that give style to your hair, while caring for your head. Because beyond great hair, and creating great hair, our aim is to create a positive difference to how people feel about themselves.

Meaningfully designed

Our creative studio worked hand-in-hand with Adam to develop an authentic look and feel for ARKIVE. We took a holistic approach, to ensure the brand embodied meaningful references, from the colour palette and typography, to his salon, family and inspiration.

Professional formulas made practical

To formulate ARKIVE’s salon-quality range, we fused Matrix Labs’ expertise in product development with Adam’s inimitable haircare knowledge. The result is a coveted selection of essential nourishing and preventative treatments, such as an oil and serum for your hair and scalp, everyday shampoos and conditioners that perfectly prepare your hair, plus a range of priming and styling products. 

All ARKIVE Headcare products are cruelty-free with no nasties, vegan and use recycled plastic in our packaging.

Beautifully and uniquely fragranced

Adam is passionate about fragrance and works as a consultant for two renowned fragrance houses, so it was incredibly important to him to develop unique and memorable scents for ARKIVE. We collaborated to create two signature aromas for the range – Future Bloom and No One Elsie. Both are nostalgic and evocative, conjuring memories from his childhood in Somerset.

Discover our latest campaigns

We take a hands-on approach to bringing ARKIVE to life across all touchpoints. From social to POS, we mix high editorial yet attainable imagery with grassroots behind-the-scenes style shoots. 


Since launch, ARKIVE Headcare’s range of beautifully fragranced, ingredient-led, practical haircare solutions has received high praise, winning multiple industry awards.