Innovatively designed barrier & biome care

We are: Cultured Biomecare.

Developed with industry innovator Rob Calcraft, co-founder of world leading skincare brand, REN Skincare, Cultured Biomecare was born to challenge beauty industry norms by bringing a new philosophy on traditional skincare, Biomecare.

Cultured is a streamlined range of EFFICACIOUS and INTENTIONAL skincare essentials leaving your skin cleansed, hydrated & glowing. Innovatively-designed, next-generation formulations powered by our Super Ferments, Prebiotics & Actives to SUPERCHARGE and STRENGTHEN your skin barrier and biome, leaving your skin looking and feeling it’s best.

Microbiome first

Cultured is thoughtfully formulated to work with your skin’s natural microbiome ecosystem to deliver visible results, with long-term skin benefits. Co-created with Matrix Labs and Rob to deliver first to market formulations for optimal skin function and radiance.

Super Ferments, Prebiotics & Actives

Every Cultured product is powered by a unique blend of Super Ferments, Prebiotics & Actives [SFPA] taking a unique approach to Skincare, Biomecare… Delivered through Skin Barrier & Biome-friendly harmonious complexes where each ingredient elevates the next.

Less-Is-Better Approach

At Cultured, we prioritise simplicity without compromising effectiveness. Our formulations are designed to enhance your skin’s vitality at every stage, minimising disruption. We eliminate harsh preservatives & stripping ingredients to optimise your skin’s natural glow.

Loved by skinthusiasts

Globally recognised, Cultured has won numerous awards and is loved by journalists and Skinthusiasts worldwide.